||/LEFTOVER\|| project was launched in July 2011 by designer Alfred von Escher with the Brand Strategist Raffaella Guidobono.

Produced by craftsmanship the result is reassuringly lowcost, while the market no longer favours the mainstream.

Recycling and Upcycling make the most from Leftover materials to assemble a series of kids/adult-kids furniture. The indoor and outdoor pieces are almost infinite – size. Just ask.

The ||/LEFTOVER\|| workshop is located in a XVI Century Palace in the heart of Palermo, and we ship everywhere bespoke furniture as well as site-specific installations,

With nothing but a dismantle crate the works come in a simple design, sudden change in colors and some imperfections that make them slightly different as if were tailor made, Which indeed they are with diverse colored pigments, mashed powders, cement and epoxy resin finishing, every time processed to deliver unique pieces or numbered editions on demand.

Moreover we do promote socio-cultural experiences, addressing creativity as a practice to inhabit public spaces with advocacy for quality design. Our studio427 unveiled its own polyvalent nature in Biennale Architettura 2012 throughout hosting in the public Greenhouse a series of shows, lectures, and workshops on Design Architecture, Cinema, Botanic, Food. The collateral event in Venice was conceived to simulate a condition free of hosting multiple interventions and a participatory process of networking, in which new generations of projects establish a link between the venue and the people who pass through it, considering our needs, so radically changed in recent years.

Recently LEFTOVER joined [a casa] FBR project and design-apart in NY.

So it looks like we’ve been featured here


Design-Apart’s partner Leftover featured on Australian Magazine Inside Out.


||/ LEFTOVER \|| staircase 20 tables
500x420x160 cm
site specific project // h+ garden // milano
available made to measure on demand
apr 2012 onwards //

||/ LEFTOVER \|| bar table
38x58x110 cm
h+ office // milano
apr 2012 //

||/ LEFTOVER \|| coffee table
120x80x30 cm
h+ office // milano
apr 2012 //

ddr torino ddr torino 1 ddr torino 2 ddr torino 3
||/ LEFTOVER \||
coffetable and stools // Alfred von Escher
DDR Torino// WWRS
november 2012
venice venice venice venice
||/ LEFTOVER \|| moleskine temporary store
biennale architettura2012 collateral event <a better world>
serra dei giardini // venice
august – december 2012

venice venice venice
||/ LEFTOVER \|| kitchen table
240x90x75 cm
private residence // rome
march 2013

venice venice
||/ LEFTOVER \|| black bar stools
30x30x75 cm
private residence// venice
september 2012

||/ LEFTOVER \|| mini stool
30x30x50 cm
private residence// rome
january 2013

[a casa]
table // Alfred von Escher // designer
book // Valerio Rocco Orlando // artist
lamp // Giovanna Latis // architect + designer
FBR office // site-specific project //
nora p nora p store nora
||/ LEFTOVER \|| set up
nora p// rome
june 2013
marras a
||/ LEFTOVER \|| coffeetable consolles tables and stools
various size // tailor made
showroom ANTONIO MARRAS // milano
january 2013

caravan mara00 mara00 mara00
[a casa]
caravan table// set 12 tables various size
total 13,40mt.x122 cm
FBR office milano // site-specific project //

||/ LEFTOVER \|| table, bookcase and staircase
private residence // La Tana
Studio NEU progettazione integrata //
may 2012
mara00 mara2 mara
||/ LEFTOVER \|| kids blackboard table chairs and stools
38x48x40 cm
gelateria mara dei boschi //torino
nov 2012
marras a
||/ LEFTOVER \||
mini pink stools //
38x30x40 cm
november 2012

||/ LEFTOVER \|| tables and benches
240x70x75 cm
summergarten// zurich
july 2013
cafè cafè cafè
||/ LEFTOVER \|| table coffe-tables stools and chairs
serra dei giardini // venice
august 2012
||/ LEFTOVER \|| resin finishing
Ø140 cm
private residence // torino
november 2012 ||/ LEFTOVER \|| set giardinetta
table and chairs //
Rezina showroom Turin //
july 2012 ||/ LEFTOVER \|| modular stage coffee tables // volvoSW
various size on demand
working station Palermo //
august 2012 ||/ LEFTOVER \|| set up
chairs stools and tables //
various size on demand
Alexandra Alge Moebelagertur // Wien
august 2012