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Independent Design Festival
organized by B.O.L.D and curated by Undesign

Torino Esposizioni /Corso Massimo D'Azeglio 15 / Turin / IT.

open from 10 to 12 October 2014 / 10am - 8 pm
Opening Night October 10 8pm / by La Drogheria
Opening Hours:
10 October 2014: from 3 pm to 11 pm
11 October 2014: from 10 am to 8 pm
12 October 2014: from 10 am to 8 pm

Please come to visit our D03 Stand at Operae and browse our custom made furnishing with cement epoxy surface, colored using pigments and powders with Rezina® finishing, a one-off sized or into limited edition series on commission. A brand new knife holder is the prototype produced for Operae 2014, in partnership with the Tuscan handcrafted company Coltellerie Berti.
Host in the fab pavilion Torino Esposizioni by PierLuigi Nervi, this year the Festival Operae extends the network of business connections in favor of the exhibiting designers. The activity aims to create a system of exchange between market actors and to encourage the relation among very kindred subjects who are often unknown to each other.
On the distribution side, a number of international distributors from galleries, shops and shop online meet in Turin, invited to open new channels of distribution. studios, concept stores&independent design shop from Rotterdam, Bilbao and Vienna, all refined and radical, + the Dutch distributor Tuttobene collector of young designers around the world.
At the same time, Operae also welcomes a selection of Italian and international manufacturing companies in order to open spaces for dialogue between designers and business. Established brands in the world of mobile participate together with us to this new step ahead of a great Festival thought for self-produced Designers. Several Italian entrepreneurs scout at Operae constantly looking for solutions that nourish productions strictly hand-made.
This year's location is spectacular. In 1936, Torino Esposizioni was commissioned by the municipality of Turin  to give the city a venue for fashion shows. Architect Ettore Sottsass senior was awarded. Afterwards, Pier Luigi Nervi was invited to design the roofing of the large central pavilion and later also of the right side the pavilion on Via Petrarca.


conceived by Antonella Dedini and Silvia Robertazzi

Anteo Spazio Cinema / via Milazzo 10 / Milano / IT.

Documentary Film Screening
Title: [acasa] Possible objects & kitchen tale
Director: Stefano Totaro
Friday October 10 / 2014 / 7:15 pm
Milano Design Film Festival Opening Night

[acasa] Possible objects & kitchen tale is an avant-garde project by FBR-Francesca Ballini Richards’s studio.
We're proud to be partner with our caravan tables in the [acasa] project since 2011.
The second Edition of Milano Design Film Festival hosts the documentary film by Stefano Totaro produced by hfilms.
"A casa. Possible objects & kitchen tales" was born in order to create a new polyhedral and cultural communication through two main tools: the relational one, which establishes a network of professionalism and the video one, which produces top level short movies. The documentary, which premiered at MDFF 2014, was edited clustering the events organized on the occasion of the 2011, 2012 and 2013 editions of the Salone del Mobile of Milan together. During this events a laid table, a home becomes a comparison among journalists, designers, philosophers and artists through the sharing of the same moment and of the same object. The documentary shows silent dialogues and interpersonal exchanges in which the objects are both the main characters and the vehicle at the same time, to give an original form to the natural mimic.
Here's one of the films featuring our LEFTOVER caravan tables



London Design Week

Moleskine Store / Canary Wharf / 162 Cabot Place/ London /U.K.


please download the mediakit here https://db.tt/6uL6MZTf

open from 13 to 20 september 2014 / 10am - 6 pm

Hacked by Design is a selection of Moleskine notebooks filled and hacked by designers and dispersed across the city forming a multi-venue during the London Design Festival 2014. Visitors will be able to get up close to the notebooks of some of the most celebrated contemporary designers working today, including BCXSY, Yves Be´har, Tord Boontje, Fernando & Humberto Campana, GamFratesi, Lyndon Neri & Rossana Hu, Antonio Marras, Karim Rashid, Oki Sato, Rodrigo Almeida, Anothermountainman, Kiki van Eijk, Joep van Lieshout, Alfred von Escher. Notebook Hack by GamFratesi Studio

The selected notebooks have been taken from the Detour project archive of lettera27, a non-profit foundation; curated by Raffaella Guidobono, it contains over 250 Moleskine notebooks of some of the world's most celebrated creative thinkers which have been travelling since 2006 in exhibitions in London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and others.



Milano Design Week

h+ / via varese 12 / 20121 milano

h+ invites you to the joint exhibition Onwards exploring traditional and straightforward techniques that unveils contemporary design with a strong vocation to craftsmanship, Noble materials such as Wood, Glass, Copper, Brass, Iron, Zinc, Textiles and Leather become the protagonists together with 3D printing. Leftover presents the new stackable consoles Pickup series by Alfred von Escher. In the h+ garden the site-specific staircase 5 mt high, leads to upstairs terrace with an installation of 20 tables and coffee-tables. The structure is airy and light, 18 mm marine plywood, inspired by the woven bamboo towers by Mike and Doug Stam, but also by the rudimentary scaffolding, used in Sicily building constructions till the late '80s. The project, curated by Raffaella Guidobono and Claudia Pignatale, gathers the profiles of 7 design firms partaking the same philosophy of short chain and self-produced furniture - Leftover, Secondome, Berto Salotti, Mingardo Exnovo, Menotti - giving voice to the production designed by Lanzavecchia+Wai, Alfred von Escher, Parisotto+Formenton, Matteo Cibic, Francesco Faccin, Gio Tirotto, Francesco Meda, Faton Gjoni, a/r studio, Emmanuel Babled, Studio Charlie, Zazielab, Revesz+Tatangelo, Luca Nichetto con Joe Graceffa e Lera Moiseeva. A selection of Italian bespoke producers and their furnishings mixes handcraftsmanship and 3D printing. The works on display are designed, tested and manufactured in Italy showing a small but significant example of Made in Italy design excellence, as a result of manufacturing experience with strong identity and quality control, knowledge and tradition, blending field testing with innovation. h+ is a company which deals with the conceiving and the production of cultural marketing projects for companies and institutions. h+ works on the creation of strategic and original bonds among different worlds and personalities, establishing virtuous relationships between the companies and their customers. The aim is to achieve communication targets combining creativity and "market values". Onwards is a partnership project with Design-Apart. At 5:30 PM on 9-10-11 April Monica AG Scanu presents 3 talks about manufacturing and design with Stefano Micelli, Chiara Alessi, Francesca Lanzavecchia among others. Leftover presenta l'ultima serie di Console impilabili Pick-up di Alfred von Escher, con finitura manuale in colori pastello. Nel giardino di h+ il progetto della scala Leftover di 5mt è un site-specific che porta alla terrazza con una installazione di 20 tavoli e coffee-table. La struttura è ariosa e leggera in multistrato marino 18 mm. Si ispira alle torri di bamboo di Mike and Doug Stam ma anche alle rudimentali impalcature edili in Sicilia. h+ invita a esplorare Onwards attraverso una mostra e una serie di talk che raccontano le più tradizionali tecniche artigiane, con uno sguardo al design contemporaneo e una forte vocazione a manualità e filosofia bespoke – su misura. Leftover presenta l'ultima serie di Console impilabili Pick-up con finitura manuale in colori pastello. I materiali nobili e naturali, legno, vetro, rame, ottone, ferro, zinco, tessuti, sono protagonisti accanto agli esiti della stampa 3D. Il progetto, a cura di Raffaella Guidobono e Claudia Pignatale, in collaborazione con Design-Apart, instaura un dialogo tra 6 aziende con la stessa filosofia di filiera corta e autonomia creativa - Leftover, Secondome, Berto, Mingardo, Exnovo, Menotti Specchia - per dare voce ai prodotti disegnati da Lanzavecchia+Wai, Alfred von Escher, Matteo Cibic, Francesco Faccin, Gio Tirotto, Francesco Meda, Faton Gjoni, Parisotto+Formenton, a/r studio, Emmanuel Babled, Studio Charlie, Zazielab, Revesz+Tatangelo, Luca Nichetto con Joe Graceffa e Lera Moiseeva. Una selezione di complementi di arredo coniuga mano artigiana e stampa 3D. Tutti i prodotti esposti sono ideati, testati e realizzati in Italia e rappresentano un piccolo ma significativo campione di eccellenza del design Made in Italy, frutto di esperienza manifatturiera e forte identità e qualità del segno progettuale, saperi tramandati con passione e un innesto di innovazione e sperimentazione. h+ si occupa di marketing culturale attraverso l'ideazione e la produzione di progetti specifici per aziende e istituzioni. Si propone di creare legami strategici e originali tra mondi e personalità diverse, stabilendo relazioni virtuose tra le imprese e i loro pubblici di riferimento, per raggiungere obiettivi di comunicazione coniugando creatività e "valori di mercato".

opening night 8 april 2014 / 6pm-9pm onwards

open from 8 to 13 april 2014 / 10:30am- 7:30pm - Sunday noon-5pm



Stockholm Design Week

istituto italiano di cultura / c.m. lerici gardensgatan 14 / s - 115 27 stockholm /sweden

The first festival of Italian contemporary design and creative culture to be held during Stockholm Design Week from February 4 to 7, 2014, Tempo Italiano will be held in the prestigious setting of the Italian Institute of Culture in Stockholm, a space interpreted by the genius of Giò Ponti in the middle '50s, that will help tracing the borders of the cultural heritage in Italian design. An exceptional location and opportunity to interact with an architecture of stunning beauty and neatness, furnished with Maestro's unique pieces and prototypes. A platform will present the different identities of Italian design, seamlessly and mutually questioning about past and future directions, in a continuous narrative of contemporary values. From emerging cutting edge brands, to the producers that enhance italian manufacturing primacy, from designers limited editions, to digital dream factories, up to the foremost reflections in new culinary consciousness, this new creative Italian fresco will be drawn by a collective exhibition, design workshops and live performances, business seminars and lectio magistralis, together with design and food italian excellence tastings.

opening night 4 february 2014 / 4pm onwards

open from 5 to 8 february 2014 /  10am - 4 pm



bespoke design furniture

showroom - flatiron district - 106 25th st & 6 ave / new york

we're proud to join the Design-Apart Showroom in NYC with our tables, stools and chairs. Design-Apart delivers bespoke Italian design around the world. The artisan team integrates advanced technologies with ancient traditions, producing furniture, fixtures and objects. The services offer full interior remakes, made-to-measure furniture and accessories and limited edition pieces available online. Beginning with Italy and the US, the showrooms are the platform in which the Design-Apart's staff live, cook and work, inviting chefs, architects and clients to set up workshops and temporary exhibitions.

preview 16 november 2013 / 3pm - 11pm
next event / secondome gallery opening / 7 february 2014 / 6 pm - onwards

open from monday to friday by invitation only /info@design-apart.com



independent design festival

OGR - officine grandi riparazioni / torino

preview 11 october 2013 / 3pm - 11pm
on display 11-13 october 2013 /10am - 8pm



exhibition weekend

concept // rené gruninger PR agency for communication & public relations design weekend may 24-25-26 May 2013 /11am - 10 pm from friday to sunday,

Zurich host Kreislauf 4+5. We are showing for the first time in Josefstrasse, and we also pop-up in another store. Have a great Langstrasse tour and find our furniture display elsewhere..


set design
TEDx talks in Palermo
curated by raffaella guidobono
may 26 2013 / 6:30pm - 8pm



exhibition fuorisalone

curated by best up/circuito per la promozione
dell’abitare sostenibile in partnership with cascina cuccagna /milano

preview 8 april 2013 / 6pm - midnight
on display 9 - 14 april 2013 / 10am - 1am

The COACH Installation in partnership with Rezina® is a long path, made by LEFTOVER consolles, tables, coffee-tables and stools in which you walk through this year's exhibition at 1st floor of the building overlooking the Cascina Cuccagna terraces where we set up a site specific assemblage with our new colored furniture placed on the unfinished floor. L'installazione COACH in partnership con Rezina® è un lungo percorso costellato di consolle, tavoli e sgabelli LEFTOVER che segna quest'anno gli spazi espositivi del 1° piano affacciati sulle terrazze di Cascina Cuccagna,spazio non finito dove si trova il nostro assemblaggio site-specific con i nuovi colori.

I valori che Goodesign propone sono quelli
che accomunano
Best Up/Circuito per la promozione dell’abitare sostenibile
(bestup.it) a Cascina Cuccagna (cuccagna.org) la più
centrale delle cascine del territorio milanese, polo di
riferimento cittadino per eventi culturali e partecipati.
Bellezza, benessere, equità, responsabilità sociale e ambientale,
innovazione, partecipazione, rispetto del bene comune sono i
valori che guidano le attività dei due partner.


[a casa] 2013

FBR via benedetto marcello 2 / milano design week

everyday, by invitation only
8 - 14 april 2013 /11am -8pm

The In the convivium area of the FBR flat which since 3 years ago hosts the daily event [a casa] during the Milano Design Week, Alfred von Escher presents Kitchen Caravan, the stackable piece of furniture of the LEFTOVER series in recycled wood and Rezina® resins. The deftness of tailor made furniture it's the inspiration for a functional set up with 17 pieces various size, in a table long 13,84 mt., conveniently decomposable after lunchtime. In the rest of the day [a casa] [: at home] the smaller tables are "disassembled" on purpose. Like tool cars of a modern Caravan the furniture are distributed between the entrance and the other rooms of the flat, to be used as consolles, worktops, working tables for meetings at breakfast and tea hours.

Nell’area convivio dell’appartamento di FBR che da 3 anni anima l’evento quotidiano [a casa] durante Milano Design Week, Alfred von Escher presenta Kitchen Caravan, il tavolo componibile della serie LEFTOVER in legno riciclato e resina Rezina®. L’agilità di tavoli su misura è lo spunto per un allestimento funzionale che accosta 12 elementi di varie misure, uniformati in un lungo tavolo di 13,84 mt. scomponibile per l’ora di pranzo. Nel resto del giorno [a casa] i tavoli più piccoli vengono “smontati”. Come vagoni di una moderna carovana sono ridistribuiti tra l’ingresso e le altre stanze dell’appartamento e diventano consolle, piani da appoggio, tavoli da lavoro per i meeting a colazione e all’ora del the.


do ut design

via san vittore 49 / milano design week

a cura di la cordata e cartaelatte food design &events
everyday 8 - 14 april 2013 /11am -8pm

The COACH project continues in the La Cordata venue corridor. A passing by installation with tables, coffee-tables and stools of various size live alongside the LEFTOVER KIDS KIT furniture with the blackboard surface to draw with colored chalks. Just apparently set without a specific plan the furniture make a urban woods with off-scale pieces, made to measure for kids and their families.

Nel Corridoio della Cordata viene presentato il progetto COACH. Si tratta di una installazione di consolle tavoli alti e sgabelli di varie misure in legno riciclato e resina, accanto a tavoli da bambino con piano in vernice nera effetto-lavagna della serie LEFTOVER KIDS KIT, su cui disegnare con i gessi colorati. Pezzi unici in ordine apparentemente sparso formano una selva urbana di arredi fuori scala, in realtà ideati su misura per i bambini e le loro famiglie.



via ciovasso 15 / milano

9 - 14 April 2013 / 11am - 8 pm



via lazzaro papi 2 / milano

words through time, time through words
martina della valle, sabine delafon
curated by federica tattoli
opening April 11 2013, 6pm / on display until  May 11, 2013 



made to measure design

magazzini ligabue / venice

preview 23 november 2012 / 12.30 - 10pm
on display 24 - 25 november 2012 / 10am - 8pm

24-25 november till late / open design lounge at moleskine temporary store in the greenhouse serra dei giardini. made to chill in partnership with eventeria.



self produced design

cavallerizza reale / torino

preview 9 november 2012 / 6pm - 9pm
on display 9-11 november 2012 /11am - 8pm


check our great adventure <A Better World>
Biennale Architettura 2012 collateral event



talks, shows, lectures, workshops.

design: alfred von escher / studio427
curators: raffaella guidobono
with michela intra and paolo rosso / microclima

serra dei giardini di castello - venice
viale g. garibaldi 1254

august 27 - november 25 2012 / 11am - 8pm

Attention to detail is a must. Craft and vocation are needed to get back to first principles. The future needs good connections to mix and disseminate more Culture with a capital C, narrative elements such as our History, Words from Poetry to Prose, Moving Images, Music, and of course the majesty of sustainable Design. The ideal venue for us could just as easily have been a greenhouse or an animal farm. To host a vision of awareness of our beloved planet we are now searching for different master plans because the idea of living indoors and outdoors has changed radically in recent times. Even students with plenty of good proposals, with their hipster advantage of what’s cool and what’s not, are nonetheless unable to plan a tomorrow if they rely on unchallenged perspectives, constantly facebooking nonexis- tent relationships. We believe that the strength of a common ground will prevail. For us the struggle, and also the fun part, is the networking, the ability to combine impressive interactions with smooth materials, from preparing a collective tomato sauce to learning a tool’s evolution to pro- duce energy as ethically as possible. By offering three months of lectures and small exhibitions, we commit to the theme of the 13th International Architecture Exhibition and turn the greenhouse into a hub, where people can physically touch the ground, interact, meet, watch films, and “smell” craftsmanship through workshops, or lounge about while listening to sound without any overlabored strategy. With examples of the fervent nature of architecture in its deepest sense, we deliver various talks and case histories born of the freedom of experimentation, allowing the innovative and eager individual to convey something unusual. Our studio427 recycles wooden tables from theaters and movie sets and deploys construction site scaffolding, turning these into furniture for social design events. With a clear idea of the entry and exit points of the space we inhabit in the present, we deliver a fresh pro- cess of making. Without forgetting that storytelling is still fundamental in carrying on daily practice.The LEFTOVER installation is produced by Rezina® and GeneralService.

download the press release




an exhibition by massproductions / stockholm + leftover / palermo

via varese 12 / milano

preview 17 april 2012 / 6pm - 9pm
on display 17 - 22 april 2012 / 11am - 8pm

Outside in the h+ garden the ladder LEFTOVER is built like a climbing plant made out of recycled wood. The result is an installation of 20 tables, stools and coffee tables which leads to the 1st floor terrace, turned into a temporary Alfred von Escher showroom/carpentry studio427. Every single piece, stacked with a system based on height and depth of the steps of a staircase of Palazzo Steri in Palermo, is held together by 40x70mm steel pins, that form a solid self-supporting structure. The staircase is airy and light, 18 mm marine plywood, inspired by the woven bamboo towers by Mike and Doug Stam, but also by the rudimentary scaffolding, used in Sicily building constructions until the late '80s. The ladder designed as a site-specific object, assembles crates recovered from theatre stages and commercials sets that were dismantled in the last month in Milan. During the designweek the terrace is set as a Printmaking Workshop Lab and the resin finishing with designs and logos.

Nel giardino di h+ la scala LEFTOVER è costruita come se fosse una pianta rampicante di legno riciclato. L'esito è un'installazione di 20 tavoli, sgabelli e coffetable (di varie misure e altezze in produzione e altri fuori scala per permettere l'alzata dei gradini). I singoli pezzi impilati con un sistema basato sull'altezza e profondità dei gradini di una scalinata di Palazzo Steri a Palermo sono tenuti insieme da perni 40x70mm in acciaio a formare una solida struttura autoportante. La struttura è ariosa e leggera in multistrato marino 18mm. Si ispira alle torri di bamboo intrecciato di Mike and Doug Stam ma anche alle rudimentali impalcature edili in Sicilia utilizzate fino ai tardi anni '80. La scala pensata come una installazione site­ specific, assembla casse e tavole recuperate da set pubblicitari smantellati nell'ultimo mese a Palermo e Milano. In occasione del FuoriSalone la terrazza finalmente agibile dal giardino grazie alla scala LEFTOVER si trasforma in temporaneo showroom/falegnameria e laboratorio per il Workshop di Serigrafia e le finiture in resina dei pezzi con disegni e loghi di studio427.



less waste / less price / less poverty at HOME
competition / exhibition / platform / shop online

via ciovasso 15 / milano

preview 17 april 2012 / 6pm - 9pm
on display 17 - 22 april 2012 / 11am - 8pm


[a casa]

FBR via benedetto marcello 2 /
milano design week

everyday, by invitation only
16 - 22 april 2012 / 11am - 8pm


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